Smart Apps That Help You Save Money At University

Managing your personal finances and cash flow is always a challenge. No matter how much you get from your part-time job or your parents, it usually dries up about 10 days before the end of every month. Although students devise a lot of methods to cope with money problems, there are some indispensable apps that can help save you a substantial sum in the first place. Let’s dive into a few here…

– The ATM Hunter app shows you the location of all ATMs in the area you filter, and this is the ATM Locator Services. This can save you money on the limited transaction rule; you can choose your primary bank ATM.

– Chegg allows one to rent and purchase books at reasonable prices.

– BillMinder is another app for paying bills, saves a lot of time.

– Whatsapp has become hugely popular; it allows you to send free texts over a meagre speed data connection.

– For party time, if you need to buy drinks, DrinkOwl tells you the exact price of the drink.

– Venmo helps you to pay all debts and receive credit in time.

– Apps Gone Free app compiles all the very best free apps for you.

There are literally thousands of apps that are designed to save you money, but the above-mentioned apps are often mentioned as the best of the lot. So do check them out on your smartphone or tablet.

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