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Social Media in the Recruitment Process – The Future is Here

Social Media is fundamental to the recruitment process.

Social media these days has changed the landscape of business tremendously. While social media continues to be a good way to reach out to people on personal levels, more and more business are starting to realize the value of using social media to reach out to clients and customers. Not only has this opened up lines of communication and given people ways to interact quickly, but social media can also be very beneficial when companies and businesses are looking to recruit new workers. If you’re using a third party to recruit new workers, consider learning about the process and how do recruitment agencies make money from every worker they hire.

The amount of people turning to social medias has increased tremendously. With smart phones everywhere and social media site use steadily rising, many recruiters are turning to these venues to reach out to prospective employees. Many companies are even going as far as creating applications that put job postings right at a job seeker’s fingertips. Social media has definitely become something employers should take notice of. In addition to posting job offers, many people looking for work actively seek out the internet to investigate and learn more about a company prior to even applying for a job.

Living in a world where there are apps available for everything and information available with a touch of a screen, this is a great way for a business to look for potential employees. They have the ability to not only give up to date information on their own company, they can also look at the backgrounds of potential employees. This can give them insight into the type of person they are considering. Social media works both ways in helping a company hire someone and for someone who is looking to be hired.

Social Media, as a pivotal tool in the recruitment process, is here to stay so embrace it and build your job future with  confidence.

Steve Blythe  (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator).

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