How to start podcasting

Where To Start With Podcasting ?

If you are interested in learning about podcasting, or perhaps even want to make your own podcast, then this article is for you! Becoming a Digital Radio Star provides informative links to podcasts that cover everything from starting a podcast from scratch, to getting the right equipment. The article also offers information for more advanced podcasters who are trying to get more circulation or generally improve their podcast.

What should individuals wanting to get involved in podcasting do first?

The best way to get involved in podcasting is to download How to Podcast Like a Rockstar by MarketingProfs. It’s a ten minute broadcast that covers everything a first time podcaster would want to know about. This includes subjects like what is a podcast, how to set up a calender and the basics of recording.

How should new podcasters learn about the proper equipment?

The best resource for learning about equipment is the podcast Podcasting Basics for Beginners by Learnable. This podcast addresses issues like how to get the best results out of the cheapest equipment and what software applications to use. The podcast also provides a general understanding of how sound works, to further improve your podcast.

Where should the professional podcaster look for tips and tricks?

For a more advanced course on podcasting the best option is probably Broadcasting with Garageband 3 by While this course is more expensive it offers 10 lessons at just under five hours of run time. The course gives you tips and tricks to make your podcast the most professionally sounding podcast it can be.

Regardless, if you are new to the scene or a professional podcaster that is well known through out the space, this article has something for you. It provides links for podcasts that will help the beginner get started and the expert reach more listeners with better quality. It offers a wide range of useful podcasts and has something for everyone.

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