taskworld officially launches

Taskworld Wants To Make You More Effective

Jewelry Entrepreneur Fred Mouawad has developed a new task management application to maximize efficiency and production within your world of University or work. Taskworld keeps track of individual’s performances and charts your overall progress towards goal completion in an easy to access, real-time database.

So how can Taskworld help you to work smarter towards specific goals?

This is accomplished by cutting away the need to communicate through email. Instead, you can discuss, prioritize, and input work items into a feed that projects the overall task or project into an easy to access centralized database. Employees no longer have to send individual or mass emails to one another and can get real time dialogues going that are task specific all in one place.

How can Taskworld monitor everything effectively?

New tasks, current tasks, and completed tasks are broken down onto a personal dashboard. The dashboard gives a worker rating which represents their efficiency and productivity in completing tasks. This allows workers to be rated based on the merits of their actual work, bottom line. Then remember that different business scenarios call for different types of dashboards. For an in-depth breakdown of the distinctions and uses of each, check out https://www.inetsoft.com/info/analytical_vs_operations_dashboards/. This resource is invaluable for maximizing business intelligence utility.

While Taskworld is innovating task management within organizations, it is not the first application to show up on the scene. Companies like Wrike, Asana, Atlassian, and Any.do provide a similar solution to Taskworld. Taskworld stands on its own by focusing on performance. While it is still a new company, it has shown promise by providing a framework for companies to take the next step in their evolution.

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