The Snow Globe ‘Fake’ John Lewis Advert – The Benefits Of Work Experience

We live in a world with an incredibly competitive job market. Job searching is an uphill struggle for the majority of job seekers, none more so than recent graduates. As a result, the pressure for candidates to have an abundance of relevant work experience is greater than ever.

If you haven’t already heard the name Nick Jablonka, we are sure you will recognise his work. Jablonka is the A-Level student responsible for the fake John Lewis advert that fooled the masses into believing it was the real deal this winter. (If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below)

Following the traditional heartfelt, tear-jerking format, he is already beating many of the big retailers, with over one million views. The fact that an A-Level student can compete in the same leagues as the big hitters proves that talent can come from staff of all levels and graduate level students have the same level of potential as industry experts.

Watching Jablonka’s advert emphasised the importance of work experience to graduates wanting to find their first role. He inadvertently sent probably the best job applications ever seen, and he is only 17.

In what he described as a “very rushed piece”, Jablonka won over the hearts of many John Lewis fans, with many calling for him to be offered employment with the company.

Being able to prove that you can do the job you’re applying for and not just saying you can, will hold serious weight in the application process. There are many different types of work experience, most are unpaid or for a small amount of compensation. It may be a structured work placement, an internship or volunteer work – which ever option you choose, ensure that you make the most of it!

3 Benefits of Work Experience:

Knowledge of what a job involves – understanding the key elements of the career you are considering can be key to shaping the path you take. Whether it’s a 2 week placement or a 6 month internship, seeing the day to day workings will be really useful for decision makers.

Structured, supervised, hands-on experience – proving to yourself and others that you can do the job will boost your confidence in your ability. It will also give you more to discuss at interview when talking about the hands-on aspects of the role.

An employment opportunity – If you make a lasting impression within your work experience company, there is always a chance for you to be offered employment.

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