Things you must remember in your Job Interview

It’s that time of year, students are handing in their final assignments, sitting their last exams and breathing a sigh of relief that their degree is over! That also means that the majority of these students are applying for Graduate job roles and attending what will probably be their first professional interview. Interview environments are a funny old thing, some people get nervous and panic while others ooze confidence and have no trouble chatting away! Here we point out Things you must remember in your Job Interview to help you secure that Graduate role!

Interviewers name

It’s so simple – just remember the name of who is interviewing you! I have seen candidates asking for the wrong name – it causes confusion to the interviewer and puts you off on the wrong foot straight away! If you are introduced to anyone else during the interview make sure you remember their names too. Otherwise it can put you in an awkward position!

Time and location

Again SO simple. Don’t be late – whatever you do – and if you’re early try not to arrive more than 10 minutes before. Location is really important, save the address and if you can do a dry run of your journey so you know exactly where to go. You don’t want to call the interviewer in a panic saying you’re lost as it gives them a lac k of confidence before you’re even in the building.

Key skills and responsibilities

Remember that job advert you responded to? It’s crucial that you remember the key skills and responsibilities they are looking for. Have some explanations ready on how you have used similar skills or dealt with similar responsibilities in your Degree / Placements / previous work experience as they will almost definitely ask you this!

Body language

Make sure you sit up straight, make plenty of eye contact (not too much though you don’t want to seem creepy) and maintain open body language (no folded arms or hunched shoulders). You want to come across as a friendly, positive person – someone they would enjoy working with – so remember to get this across during the interview.


Always print a copy of your CV and bring it along to the interview with you – most of the time they will have done this themselves but it shows you are prepared. If you have a portfolio / examples of your work make sure to bring these along to!

Key company information

Before you attend the interview you will need to spend time researching the company you are going to. Try and remember a few key facts regarding work they are involved with currently / any awards or achievements / industry news relevant to the company etc. One question that usually comes up is “What do you know about us?” – some punchy facts will show you have taken the time to research them and impress the interviewer!


Don’t forget to check your appearance before walking into the interview! The last thing you want is to find out you were chatting away for an hour with in with spinach stuck in your teeth!


Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)

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