The Hard Questions

Practice the hard questions

Every job interview is different per individual but here are a few top Interview questions to consider when job seeking. Take a look, practice them and really consider what your answers may be. One of the most common questions I have been asked at almost every interview I have been to is; Why do you want this job? While giving answers such as; for the money, the location is better or for more learning experience is okay, make sure to play up your attributes and skills to perform the job also. They want to know what you would be good at also. Tell them about your skills from your previous jobs, describe specifically what you like about the company. Companies love when you have done research and are prepared. The second most common one I have heard of is the ever so awkward question that usually brings me to a screeching halt; What are your strengths/weaknesses? When describing your strengths describe your skills and experience. Have confidence, don’t be cocky. When it comes to describing your weaknesses, you don’t want to put yourself down but find a small weakness such as; you don’t like speaking in large groups but you will work on it. The final question asked at most interviews, What kind of salary are you looking for? I always research the company I am interviewing for so I have a basis to go off of so I readily know on average what they pay. I go somewhere between what their average is and what I was making at my previous company. It is alright to discuss this, it is a very important part to having a job. I hope I’ve helped you for your coming interview!

So what other hard questions have you encountered during interview that have caused you difficulties. I remember well being asked to give an example of my lateral thinking and also where I expected to be in several years time?  They were challenging. Why not share them with us so as to help others prepare better. Another question to ponder is whether Social Media can help you better prepare for interviews. In essence having access to many sources should tease out many of the potential pitfalls that await you. What are you thoughts on this?

Quent Bendele  (Social Media Commentator)

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