Do You Have Trouble Achieving Your Targets?

Every day we find ourselves involved in more and more hectic activities. We are usually rushing around, busy completing all projects and assignments that we’ve scheduled for that day. We are growing more and more concerned that we will not attain the progress we strive to achieve. By getting involving in these seemingly unending activities, we sometimes suffer physically, psychologically and emotionally – and maybe this places some degree of risk on our close relationships too.

What does Pareto’s Law want us to do?

Pareto’s Law wants us to identify and concentrate on the twenty percent of the total work which will benefit you more than the eighty percent of the remaining work. The twenty percent of the work which you will focus on, should produce very good results. Doing a number of parallel activities at any one time can be just as equal to being bone idle. – it simply does not produce the result you aim for.

If you want to be productive, you should select the most important tasks, truly focus on them and plan and execute your plan really well. Other tasks can either be sidelined or done by others.

How Should You Spend Your Time?

Well, you certainly should not spend your time on tasks that are less effective or productive. Instead choose tasks that will benefit you. Avoid unimportant things and concentrate only on reaching your key goals. Spend more time choosing the right type of work – to help you achieve your targets within the defined time limit.

What is Parkinson’s law?

Parkinson’s law states that the time limit set for completing a task will determine how important and how complex the work is. Identify tasks which will earn you a good income. If you try to attend to unimportant tasks and rush yourself to complete them, they will only occupy your valuable time and you will find yourself less far less productive at the end of the day.

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