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Udemy – Empowering Over 2 Million Students Worldwide

Today’s students are the lucky beneficiaries of the advantages of the Internet and online learning. One such online course provider is Udemy, an online resource for students that enables them to learn anywhere at anytime, and so improve and upgrade their skills, often resulting in career advancement and more lucrative employment opportunities.

With access to over 7000 qualified instructors, students can take courses on-line and at their convenience. The flexibility of this style of learning means they can continue with their normal employment routine while still learning the important skills needed to stay relevant in today’s competitive job marketplace.

In addition, the types of courses offered by Udemy provides students with the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure future career advancement and security in the workforce. The courses offered are wide and varied and include language courses, technology-related courses (web design, software, etc.), sales and marketing. Over 800 new courses are added to the curriculum every month, broadening the possibilities for students even more.

Udemy now boasts over 2 million students, over 7000 instructors, and 13,000 courses. Additionally, students in over 200 countries now have access to the expertise and knowledge which can be found on their computers, as well as on other hand held devices, making learning more convenient and affordable than ever before.

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