Values Based Decision Making gains ground.

This article discusses the growth of values based decision making in businesses today.

Several decisions are made by leaders daily. These choices are usually made by our own influences that we have experienced in our lives. These influences can be positive or negative based upon the experiences we have had. Using our values to make decisions can alleviate conflict when a group shares the same values, thus increasing this trend among leaders.

Sharing similar values can build a stronger bond among coworkers or people in general. Values usually are instilled in us by the way we are brought up from our childhood to our day to day life currently. Shared values among a group can create a stronger bond and build a trust that may otherwise be harder to create. Leaders must outline the values of their institutions clearly in order to recruit individuals who share the same beliefs. When this is done I believe a more cohesive team can develop and therefor accomplish goals more effectively. Values are an unseen virtue. They cannot be touched, heard or seen; but they can be observed as behaviors. Your behaviors should exhibit the values you believe in and follow as your way of life. These behaviors should align with the values that the leader is instilling and create a checkpoint to make sure an individual’s behaviors are cohesive with their values.

Individuals being products of their environments directly influences the trend of leaders using values-based decision making. When a decision needs to be made it will be received more favorably if it is based on the values of those it affects. This should lead to cohesive behaviors among a group thus increasing productivity as a unit and overall having a positive influence on the business.

Steve Blythe (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator).


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