What’s Nextt? Who’s Nextt?

In the marketplace of social networks, there is only room for a few services if they are to achieve the participation numbers needed to succeed. The Goliath on the field is clearly Facebook, but a new app, Nextt, has found an attractive niche based on an important distinction.

We often start out to arrange just our social lives online, but then find ourselves throwing chunks of unintended time at monitoring our “friends’” daily activities. Nextt works very much like FB’s ‘events’ feature, with a stream for ongoing comment, the ability to send notices by email and SMS to friends who don’t use the app… but that’s it.

No more wading through ‘who had what for breakfast’, or whose cat is so adorable, or who scored what on which mindless game. Users can import friends’ contact details in several ways, group them within their account, and moderate events they create themselves.

Nexxt may be the perfect answer for those who wish to connect, plan, socialize, and not waste time on social networking. It allows users to organize what they really want, opportunities to share their time actually doing things with friends. It’s available on the web and in app stores now.

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