When I grow up I want to be a recruiter…

“When I grow up I want to be a recruiter”. Not something you hear very often! Many of us dreamed as a child about being a popstar or a football player… and while the reality that this won’t happen may have set in at the point when you started your degree you STILL probably didn’t picture yourself joining the recruitment industry (or even knew that this was a potential job role!). The UK recruitment industry is worth £35.1 billion to the economy each year, meaning it’s a pretty big deal and a thriving industry to join as a graduate! Not convinced? Read these 7 reasons why you should consider a graduate recruiter job at Searchability (and 4 reasons why you definitely shouldn’t)!

1. You’ll have the chance to make a big difference
Choosing a job is up there with buying a house as a big decision people will take in their lives – and as a recruiter you will help people do this every day! There is no better feeling than your candidate getting a job that they really want, as well as knowing that what you do every day can literally impact the bottom line of the businesses you work with.

2. You’ll get to be creative
Searchability aren’t traditional recruiters, in fact our success is largely down to the fact that we ‘do things a little differently’ in our market. We like to be innovative, and spend a lot of time exploring big ideas to get the best results in the team. These ideas don’t just come from the top either, we like the whole team to get involved so if you’re someone with a creative streak and lots of ideas then you’ll fit right in!

3. You’ll never be bored
The core of how you recruit may stay the same, but the business you work on will change every day meaning you’ll never be bored. You’ll speak to loads of different people each day, and mix up your day resourcing on social media and creating cool marketing campaigns to attract candidates. You won’t clock watch lets put it that way!

4. You don’t need a specific degree
Typically we have had successful graduates join Searchability with degrees in English, History and Media, but it really doesn’t matter as long as you have the confidence and enthusiasm to succeed. So if you have a degree in Drama but don’t see yourself pursuing a career in acting then it’s OK!

5. You’ll be able to clear your student debts
Probably the main reason anyone gets into recruitment is for the money, and if anyone tells you it’s for the joy of helping people find a job they’re lying! Sure it’s great when you get a candidate their dream job, but there can also be a lot of disappointment, long hours and frustration in this job, especially when you’re learning! The good news is you’ll be able to earn amazing commission, up to 20% once you qualify as a consultant! Meaning you can start to kiss those student debts goodbye!

6. There’s great progression opportunities
While many industries may have a long wait for you to advance your career, Searchability provides a clear route for you to progress from resourcer to Manager! So if you learn the ropes and hit your targets you’ll progress in your role quicker!

7. We’re a great company
Work doesn’t need to feel like work, and that’s why we have a great atmosphere at Searchability. Everyone works insanely hard, but we also love a laugh and socialise regularly as a team! There’s loads of cool incentives at Searchability too (if big commission wasn’t enough to entice you) including company holidays, monthly themed activities, boozy nights out, meals out on the company, Chester race days and more!

BUT! Don’t apply if…

1. You want a short day
When Dolly Parton complained about the 9-5 she’d obviously never worked in recruitment. Our core hours here are 8.20am-5.30pm, but if you want to succeed as a recruiter then you’re going to have to be flexible. You may find yourself in the office at 7am, clocking out at 10pm and even working weekends. This industry is definitely not for the faint-hearted, so if you want a job where you can leave on time every night then you probably shouldn’t apply!

2. You’ve had enough of learning at Uni
While starting a career in recruitment may not require you to study towards a formal qualification, you will need to learn A LOT. You’ll probably never have worked in this way before, and even when you learn the ropes there will always be new technologies emerging that you need to learn in order to stay on your A-Game.

3. You don’t thrive in competition
You’ll compete every day in this job. Whether it’s a bit of healthy competition in the office to see who pulls the most business or has the most twitter followers, right up to competing against other agencies for the best candidates / vacancies. If you don’t thrive under pressure then you probably won’t enjoy this job.

4. You can’t cope with failure
We all love to succeed, it’s in our nature! And while you may go on to have loads of amazing wins in your career as a recruiter, you’re almost definitely going to have some epic failures in the course too. You might spend days cold calling people with no success, or find the perfect candidate who STILL doesn’t get the job. There will be a lot of lows in the job, so you’ll need to have a great positive mental attitude and the persistence to keep going. The good news, if you nail this job then you’ll earn great money while working with a lovely bunch of people!

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