IT skills in high demand

25 Career Skills All Cool Employers Seek

LinkedIn recently compiled a list of 25 career skills that draw the most interest from employers. After examining its user profiles and hiring and IT recruiting activity that occurs on the site, LinkedIn found that 20 of the most popular skills all focus on IT and technology. Topping this list are social media marketing, mobile development, and cloud and distributed computing.

IT Job seekers looking to improve their resumes and master their interview skills may want to highlight their IT and tech-savy skills, including knowledge of digital and online marketing, information security, java development and mobile development.

Any experience with software programming, cloud computing and web development are other key IT areas that are sure to impress. Employers are bombarded with information, in a new and growing market, and are in need of skilled IT resources.

Researchers also note the importance of these findings that demonstrate the growing use of technology in so many fields. These rankings also indicate why science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education are growing in popularity at top universities. Fortunately for job seekers who are less technologically-inclined, skills including recruiting, business development and strategic planning.

These skills are needed by companies to tap into new sources of revenue, compete more effectively globally and to generally allow businesses to grow and expand. This is good news for IT job seekers who are about to graduate (or have graduated in recent years) that can bring new and exciting ideas to the table.

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