how important is your linkedin profile anyway

Are You Making The Most of Your LinkedIn Profile ?

Hey it’s 2014 – long gone are the days of newspaper job ads and snail mail resumes. Job hunters and employers alike are instead eschewing the traditional analog hiring process in favor of streamlined online options, like the popular professional networking site LinkedIn. Keeping an updated, accurate profile – which for many is as close to their resume as possible – on LinkedIn, is now a vital component of a prospective employee’s successful job hunt.

What are the benefits of LinkedIn versus a traditional CV?

On LinkedIn, you’re creating a living, editable document, one that’s easily accessible and adaptable to accommodate your changing experience and interests. You’re not restricted by a text-only format, but can also include links to videos, articles, and other relevant media. It’s also interactive, meaning former employers and coworkers alike can endorse your skills, acting as public references.

How can I optimise my LinkedIn profile?

Just as with a traditional cover letter and CV, your LinkedIn profile should put your best foot forward. Phrase your writing in first person, letting your true communication style shine. Make sure you include job-specific keywords that recruiters will be searching for, and build your LinkedIn connections by posting and participating in networking groups. Reach out to fellow students and potential employers and ask them for public recommendations, which will beef up your resume and highlight your desirability.

Will LinkedIn ever replace my old, traditional paper resume?

As with all internet trends, it’s hard to predict just how vital LinkedIn will remain in the job seeking process. Enjoy the flexible, adaptable benefits of your LinkedIn account, but for now always have a detailed hardcopy resume on hand too, just in case a prospective employer wants to dive in deeper on your specific accomplishments.

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