9 things you MUST do before you start University …

So nearly a week on from celebrating those A level results, the hangover has worn off and reality is setting in… your just a few weeks away from the day you start University. Before you get distracted by the dozens of Fresher’s week activities happening at your campus it’s important to remember to prepare! So here are 9 things you MUST do before you start University


Check out your University

OK this may seem obvious – I mean you went to the Open day, you read the prospectus and you know where the Student Union is – BUT there are still a few things you should check before you arrive. Most Universities have a dedicated website / Facebook group for new students – this is a great way to get to know your fellow students / surroundings making the day you arrive that little bit easier.

Read the enrolment information carefully

Speaking as someone who forgot to take the right documents to enrolment, and also managed to turn up to class a day late after not reading the information I was given I can say wholeheartedly that it is important to read all the information carefully. Not only will it save you getting in trouble with your Tutors, but once you see the lines to enrol you WON’T want to have to go back twice because you forgot to bring your passport!

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Get insurance

Just do it. Tenants insurance doesn’t cost much but you will be glad you got it if the worst happens! Plus it will stop your parents worrying (as much).

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Learn to budget

The second that student loan hits your bank account, it’s easy to feel like blowing a big chunk of it on jägerbombs and Topshop clothes. STEP AWAY FROM THE DEBIT CARD! You’ll thank me when you can afford to have the heating on and don’t need to live off baked beans all year! You can also withdraw your savings from The Children’s ISA if your parents decided to save for your future not too long ago.

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Find the discount

Budgeting doesn’t have to be boring – luckily plenty of companies take pity on poor students and offer a huge amount of discounts from clothes, meals out, drinks and travel! Make sure you sign up to get a student card when you start university and use sites such as UNiDAYS to find the best deals.

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Learn to cook

*See earlier comment baked beans*  Luckily you don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay to make a half decent meal – in fact there are plenty of 30 second videos on Facebook that will guide you. Jamie Oliver also has a book for budget meals that taste great (so give that one a whirl).

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Learn to do washing

For those lucky few that have got to the age of 18 without your parents forcing you to do your own washing now is the time to learn. If you’re stuck remember these key rules:

  1. You can wash MOST things at 40 degrees
  2. Never leave wet washing in the machine (unless you want to smell like a damp towel)
  3. Separate darks and whites – and NEVER leave anything red in with your whites
  4. Check your pockets for tissues (trust me on this one)
  5. Hang your wet clothes as straight as possible (minimum ironing time is essential)

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Make friends

OK so you may not be able to do this before you go, although as we mentioned earlier you may be able to connect with fellow students on the University site / Facebook before you arrive. If not simply arrive prepared to make lots of new friends – a crate of beer / couple bottles of wine / few tubes of Pringles should help you do this!

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Don’t forget to study

All that socialising, drinking and resisting the urge to blow your student loan on a shopping spree you need to remember why you’re there – yep to get the Degree! It costs so much in tuition fees that we doubt you’ll forget, but make sure you dedicate enough time to your studies. If you adopt this mind set in your first year you will hopefully set yourself up in the right way that you won’t be panicking and writing your entire dissertation in 2 weeks!

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So there are 9 things to consider before you start University – we hope you settle in well!

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