Dear graduates, a word of advice from recruiters

Leaving University can be a pretty daunting time even for the most confident of graduates! All of a sudden your days of lectures are gone and you need to find a way to get a graduate job so you can start paying off the student loan! Now you’ll probably be given advice from a lot of different people like your friends and family, but when it comes to finding a job there is nobody more experienced than a Recruitment Consultant to help you on your way! Here are a few words of advice from recruiters at Searchability to help you secure the graduate job that’s best for you!


“Any graduates doing Computer Science / Design degrees I would advise taking the time to put together an online website/portfolio of work to help you stand out from the crowd”

Gabbi Trotter



“The package needs to be right when choosing a job role however it can be worthwhile to focus more on joining a reputable company that you can see yourself in long term. More and more companies are looking at the early stages of candidates’ careers (even experienced professionals) as it gives them a great insight into how they have operated throughout their career.”

Mike Cullen



“Try be more focused on the role and not the salary, as the experience in lesser paid positions may be more valuable in a couple years apposed to higher paid positions to begin with”

Joe Carden



“If you are looking to pursue a career within IT, then I would recommend looking into working a year in industry as part of your degree. It’s a competitive market out there for Graduate Software Developers and you need to make sure you stand out from the rest. From my experience 2:1 is the minimum you should be looking to achieve and if you combine this with some relevant projects and examples of work then your CV will stand out. Your career in IT starts from your first day at Uni, make sure you get off on the right foot!”

Patrick Doyle



“Once you’ve graduated from University, ensure you research the roles your aiming for a career in. When a recruiter or potential employer calls you they will want to hear that you are confident in the route you are taking your career.”

Adam Hardaker



“Don’t worry if you don’t get the first role you’ve applied for, you won’t be the only person! There’s 1000’s of jobs out there at the moment the right role will come! Keep going with your search don’t let it knock your confidence!”

Katie Donoghue



“ Keep your options open, additionally learn as much as you can about the market you would like enter post graduation”

Joe Carden

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“If you don’t already drive, then learn to drive as soon as possible. Even if that means passing your test but not necessarily continuing with a car straight away. It will most likely be invaluable to have one day in terms of career progression.”

 Adam Hardaker



“Salary should be a factor in choosing your graduate role, but consider what other value propositions a company has to offer before discounting a role just on a lower salary than you wanted. Your degree will only prepare you so much for your graduate job, you’ll need to think about which companies will support you in your development and offer you the training you need to succeed later in your career.”

James Roberts



“Don’t leave it until you’ve finished your course until you start trying to make contacts in your chosen field. There is no time like the present to get advice from professionals!”

Dan Butler

 Success Starts Here


“Make sure you have an up to date LinkedIn profile that clearly showcases any work experience or related work that can demonstrate a desire or aptitude for your chosen career path. Where possible recommendations from Lecturers’ or industry professionals you have had dealings with enhance your visibility online.”

Martin Blythe



“Get a clear picture of not just what you want to do right this second but plan for 5 years to 10 years in advance. In the IT sector you will predominantly start in a graduate position and what direction you take in picking this position and company can take you down the route that you want or take you away from it.”

Chris Hopley

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“If you are a completing an MSc or PhD in Data Science or a related field don’t wait until you graduate to get in touch with recruiters or employers. Data Science graduates are in high demand but it is a hugely competitive sector at the moment. The sooner you get in touch with us the sooner we can advise you of suitable opportunities. We will also be able to facilitate any potential interview processes around dissertations, exams and visas.”

Anthony Birley

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If you want further advice on how to secure your dream graduate job in IT / eCommerce then get in touch today! 01244 567 567 / [email protected].

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