A Graduate’s Survival Guide to Office Life

Ok, so your typical office isn’t quite the compiled lockup of rogues and runaways – but it isn’t exactly nice either. Office life isn’t for everyone, but to make sure you have a head start we’ve put together a graduates survival guide for life in the office:

Never leave a job badly

It’s easy to stick your finger up to an employer when something better comes along and think that that will be the end of it. You never know what might happen in your next role and whether or not it will work out. A quick an easy fib is to tell your employer you’re leaving for ‘a development opportunity’ and that you are sad to leave the company behind – you never know when the connection may come in handy.

Small talk

Eight hours in an office can feel insanely long, especially if you’re working in a quiet one. You may not exactly have much in common with your colleagues but some good old office banter is a sure-fire way to pick you up on the lowest of days.

Networking – don’t ignore it

It’s screamed at us in university and we never really understood it, until now. Networking is probably one of the most important parts to your job; it’s an effective way to gain job leads, exposure to the company and create connections with other business opportunities. Tip – start networking before you need it. You will slowly build up a genuine pool of useful connections instead of a desperate stretch to connect with everyone and everywhere to make your LinkedIn profile look like a pro.

Make your office space your own

You are going to be spending around 1842 hours a year of your life working at your desk, make it your own. Making changes to your work space has been proven to make you feel more relaxed feeling more at home, and therefore increasing your work productivity. Modern 오피 인천 are trending to businesses today because of all the great amenities it has.

Don’t take anything seriously

It’s easy to get bogged down if you’ve made a few simple mistakes at work and your boss has had to have ago. Don’t take it personally and treat each day as a new one otherwise you’re doomed to a life of stress at work.


Baggy hipster shirts and rugged converse doesn’t exactly scream entrepreneur of the year. Ditch the ripped jeans and get suited and booted. Employers see you as ambassadors of their company and want you appear smart and professional. After all you are representing them.

Avoid noisy foods at your desk

Don’t be that person who brings crisps to the office and let everyone endure the next 10 minutes listening to every bite and every crunch. It will rebound across the room and gain you zero brownie points for future favours.


So in a nutshell, try not to be the office moron. Stick to the guide and you’ll be fine.

If you would like anymore information about how to improve your office dynamic please contact a member of the team at Searchability!


Rachael Roberts – Digital Campaign Coordinator, Searchability


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