What can the X Factor teach you about your job hunt?

Hours of filling in forms, waiting to hear if you’re successful, getting in front of the key decision makers and trying your hardest to impress them. Enough about the X Factor contestants, what about the thousands of new graduates searching for that sought-after job role?! There are a number of things you will need to consider when starting your search, but what can the X Factor teach you about your job hunt?

Competition can be fierce
When going to those first X factor auditions contestants face hours of queuing, watching and listening to other people that could ultimately steal their place on the show. The job hunt is a lot like this, there can be hundreds of applicants for one single position so it is important you take extra care and attention at the application stage!

It is rarely a one stage process
This year we have seen first auditions, boot camp, the 6 chair challenge and judges houses – and that’s just to filter down to the final 12 contestants! Most graduate jobs will involve an application, telephone interview, at least 2 stages of interview and depending on the job role you may even be technically tested as part of this process. Be prepared for a long slog and make sure your efforts do not lessen over the process!

It can be a rocky road
Hopefully it won’t be quite the emotional rollercoaster that some X Factor contestants face, but you may get tired, stressed and upset with the battle that can be the job application! Some say that ‘nothing worth having ever comes easy’, so remember this and try and stay motivated!

It’s good to rehearse
No contestant wants to get up on stage and forget the words (it’s basically an open invitation for a barrage of abuse from Simon Cowell), and the same goes for the job interview. Being asked a question you can’t answer or losing your words in a presentation will send you into a cold sweat and cause the interviewer to question whether you are a suitable candidate. Do plenty of research and practice your presentation so you have the confidence to think on your feet in this situation!

You may have to face rejection
Not everyone can be the winner so we watch every week as a teary eyed contestant is told they do not have enough ‘X Factor’ to continue in the competition. Ultimately everyone applying for a graduate job cannot be successful so you may face rejection after your application / interview. Luckily for you there are thousands of other opportunities so your dreams won’t be dashed forever!

But it’s great to be the winner
OK so getting a graduate job may not be the same as a record deal with Simon Cowell, but it’s definitely cause for celebration!

Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)

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