A to Z of Student Life

A to Z of Student Life

Are you starting University or a current student enjoying your studies? We take a quick look at what to expect through an A to Z of Student Life!



As fun as University can be you will also be immersing yourself into academic study of your chosen course. So get your thinking cap on and learn as much as possible!


Baked Beans

When your student loan starts to fizzle out you may end up eating a lot of these!



This is a fantastic time to challenge yourself – whether it’s to get a 1st Class degree or to win a drinking battle against your housemate!



Duh duh duh! The dreaded DISSERTATION! Try not to fear this too much and think of it as a chance to produce something really impressive to launch you into your post grad career!



After the dissertation comes the exams! As long as you prepare (turn off that Game of Thrones box set and get revising!) you should stand a good chance of success!



University is a chance to meet new people from all over the country (and World!) that have similar interests and hobbies. These people might become your greatest friends in life – another great reason to get to Uni!



Your graduation ceremony will be a proud moment for you and your family – keep this in mind and work towards it throughout your studies!



Trust me, you will have a few of these!



For possibly the first time in life you will stand on your own two feet and look after yourself. This means paying bills, cooking and cleaning without your mum’s help!


Job Hunting

Don’t forget to start your job search early especially if you are considering a graduate role as the closing date can often be a few months in advance to the start date.



When you come to finish your final year at Uni you won’t believe how much you have learnt!


Lie Ins

If you leave university to start a 9-5 job you will sorely miss those lazy days of no lectures until 4pm. Lap it up while you can!



Don’t want to give up the student life yet? Why not explore the options of a masters degree?



Don’t forget to take notes in lectures, this is one of the best ways to learn and retain information!



Worried about leaving University? Take advantage of the opportunities provided at University whether it be advice from a lecturer or your student careers department. They may help you get industry experience that will help you secure your first job!



Ahh the NUS card. 20% off your favourite stores / bars / restaurants. Student discount is a fantastic perk of Uni so try and make the most of it before it expires!



Student pub quizzes are a fun activity you can enjoy with your friends, AND you might win some money out of it!



They will drive you crazy for finishing the last of the milk and hogging the bathroom when you’re late for lectures, but the memories you will make should surpass these slight annoyances!



Get yourself out on some student nights or go and watch your University football team! The social aspect of University is incredible so get yourself socialising!



Sure they might have a go when your coursework is late or you skip a lecture, but these people are experts in the course you are studying (not to mention you’re tuition fees are paying for them) so take in as much as you can from them!



This is the reason you’re here after all!



4 months off in the summer between course years? What’s not to love?!


Work Experience

Don’t forget to explore different work experience programs / internships whilst you are studying. It’s a good way to spend those 4 months off in Summer!



Well… this speaks for itself.



Use this time for you to figure out ‘who YOU are’.



Your bank balance will probably look like this at some point. That’s when the baked beans will come in handy!



Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)

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