Things you will miss most about University

Things you will miss most about University!

Things you will miss most about University! If you are about to Graduate this year you are probably counting down the seconds until you finish that final exam or project so you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your Degree is complete. Most of you will be entering the world of work, so enjoy your last months as there will be a few things you will miss about University…

  1. Lie-Ins

Lap up those days where you don’t have any lectures until the afternoon and you can lie in bed until lunch! The majority of careers operate on the traditional ‘9-5’ basis and with lengthy commutes you can kiss goodbye to those mid week lie ins!


  1. Dressing Down

OK, so you may not have been attending lectures in your pyjamas! But depending on your chosen career chances are you will have to smarten up (at least a bit!) so enjoy the times you can roll up in leggings and Ugg boots!


  1. Student Discount

This is going to be a tough one to give up! The lucky thing is you’ll be able to get a full time job so you should have the extra cash to cancel out the discount!


  1. 4 Month Summers

Remember those Summer breaks from June until September? Most jobs will offer roughly 22 days holiday (yes that’s right!), so you may miss these long breaks! Truthfully, you will end up making the most of your precious time off so you should survive!


  1. Friends in the next halls

Your University chums may live in the next flat to you at the moment but soon will return to their home towns at the other side of the Country! Sure you will make sure you still see your best friends, but make the most of the time now where they are just a short walk away!


  1. Cheap Drinks

If you went out last night you might be cursing those 2-4-1 vodka shots and cheap beers you had in the Student Union! Trust me, you will miss this!


  1. Student Loan

Ah the glorious day when you check your bank balance to find your student loan has arrived! Don’t worry – soon you will have a monthly pay day to look forward to, and that is something you won’t have to pay back!


  1. Your student digs

“Really?” I hear you ask? It may be untidy and in need of a good clean but you will look back fondly at the times you spent here!


At the end of the day the next chapter of your life may be even more exciting! Life isn’t all downhill after Uni, but make sure you lap up the perks of being a student before it’s over!


Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)

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