Body Language

The Importance of Body Language

Body language is as important a part of an interview as what you say.

As soon as you enter a room where you are going to be interviewed, your prospective employers or your interviewers can guess how you are going to perform in your interview. Your body language can tell them a lot about you, even before you open your mouth.

It is really important to stand up and sit down straight. This will show your interviewers that you are confident. First impressions, starting from how you walk into the room to when you slide into a chair will be noticed by the interviewers. You need to stand and sit with the shoulders slightly back. You can practice at home on how to improve your posture. You watch various examples on you tube. ThereĀ is a lot of material and information regarding the importance of body language on theĀ internet. If you have a slight hunch, try to be aware of it. You can temporarily change your body posture just for the interview. If you don’t, the interviewers might think that you have no confidence or you are afraid of them. It would not make good first impression. You need to walk confidently, smile and shake the interviewers’ hands firmly but not too strong. Weak or limp handshakes are not good. You can used hand and arm gestures, but they have to be used in moderation. You do not want to look like you are dancing or trying to fight someone, but you do not want to sit down like a statue either.

Again, body language is very important. It is as important as the actual interview.

Steve Blythe (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator).

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