Impress the Hiring Manager

A job interview is the final stage when you have an opportunity to impress a potential employer. Failing this task usually means the end of the road for that job opportunity.

Job seeking can be a confusing and uninspiring task that can quickly drain your enthusiasm and positive outlook. However, there are several simple actions you can do to separate yourself from the hundred of candidates that a single job position may receive. Hiring managers pay attention to candidates who display these simple actions.

First, you should following the directions. If hiring managers do not need a resume, but to enter your information into their specialized database on their web site, you should do so. If they want unusual formatting on your resume or e-mail, or for you to answer specific questions on your cover letter, follow their wishes exactly. The rationale is that they would not hire someone who cannot follow orders or respect their wishes. Another simple thing you can do to separate yourself from other potential hires is to show examples of your previous achievements.  If you added profits to your last company, state explicitly what those gains were.

If you implemented a Twitter campaign, state how many followers you have. Hiring managers love to see specific facts so that can extrapolate how much you can contribute to their company. Finally, you should be focused in your communication. When writing to a hiring manager, ask yourself, “What’s in it for the hiring manager?” Why are you writing the correspondence and what business problem will you solve for their company. Again, hiring managers want to visualize how you will contribute to their organization and keeping your communications focused will show how your skills will help their company. Applying for jobs can be a soul-sucking task. You can minimize the pain and generate interviews with these simple practices when dealing with hiring managers.

Remember – impress but do not show off. That would be fatal for your chances.

Steve Blythe (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator).



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