Is Freelancing For Me?

“Freelancing” is a term familiar to those in different industries. Whether you are a designer, a writer, a software developer or even a business consultant, freelancing is always an option — the question is, should you or should you not do it?

There are several pros and cons to freelancing to help you decide whether or not you would find success in it. And to find out if freelancing is for you, read this article to help you learn more.

Some people freelance by choice, and this is where the pros come in. The average freelancer makes 45% more than your normal worker. 75% of those who work from home make over $65,000 per year. Freelancers feel no impact from the recessions and feel happier and optimistic about business.

They are more flexible with time and believe that is the best thing about freelancing. The other people, however, have no choice but to freelance. They are moderately or very much unhappier than at a normal job. They have difficulties finding clients and feel that their job is less secure than a traditional position. It is also harder to have benefits such as healthcare and flexible spending accounts.

Freelancing is an optimistic choice if you choose to do it, but for those who would rather not head that way in their career see it as something to avoid. Many freelancers self report higher payrates, higher levels of job satisfaction, and greater work/life balance than traditional jobs.

But, it’s still not for everyone, and it’s what you make of your career that matters.

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