Google Plus Adds New Restricted Communities Feature

Google recently unveiled a new feature of their social networking site, Google Plus, which allows businesses a high amount of control in which individuals can see their conversations.

This new feature, called restricted communities, is just another way that Google is marketing toward the use of Google Plus by companies and organisations.

Restricted communities can let a company invite whoever they want into a conversation; from particular sects in a company, to clientele and business partners, each conversation can be highly customised to fit the needs of the topic of that particular conversation.

The feature also lets companies limit conversations only to people in the company that receive an invitation to do so; this aspect of restricted communities can help to keep private or confidential information from spreading throughout the company, and through those employees, across social media. Once these communities are created, any user can share any type of data from a Google Drive with other members of that conversation.

For years, Google has been touting that Google Plus is the ideal social media platform for businesses and companies, and the added feature of restricted communities is one example of how this is becoming true.

View full article: Google launches restricted Google+ communities to let businesses make conversations private or invite-only

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