Graceful Bragging Techniques To Get Your Accomplishments Noticed

Bragging about your accomplishments is indicative of a giant size ego patting itself on the back, right? How many times growing up were you told not to be so boastful about your good grades, sports achievements or how much money your family earned. Such sentiments may help teach children about how to get along on the playground but, when it comes to advancing on the job, adults need a different strategy.

Have you ever wondered why someone was rewarded by recognition, a bonus, future plum assignments or a promotion while your equally valuable work remained unnoticed?

Chances are the person rewarded has been making an effort to get his successes known to the people in charge of the reward system. Meanwhile those same people are unaware of your contributions because although you may be head down in the work giving it your all and being amazingly creative and effective, you have not told or shown progressive outcomes to anyone or at least not to the right people.

You do not have to be arrogant or mean spirited to demonstrate your value or accomplishments but you do need to share them. A strategic self-promotion campaign of graceful bragging can bring your extra efforts and value to the attention of those in position to reward you.

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