So You’re Going to Work at Google

When people think about the working conditions at Google there are many things that immediately pop into mind. Fantastic pay and benefits. The ability to choose your own projects. Free food! But everything isn’t all wine and roses, just like anywhere else there are negatives as well. If you are thinking about working at Google here are some questions you need to think about.

Is there still a start-up culture present at Google?

Unfortunately, the answer to this one is no. Google is now a huge corporation and subject to all the pitfalls that come with working at a big company. Office politics are also big. The advantage most often cited is the variety of projects you get to work on, who else you get to work with and how successful you could become in the future – having had these experiences.

Can I really make an individual impact at Google?

For the vast majority of people the answer to this one is no again. Unless you are a fantastically gifted engineer, Google is now such a behemoth that you will feel like simply one of the worker bees. There are some stand-out examples though, where engineers and technology people have gone on to much bigger opportunities.

Will I get a huge, cool office if I work at Google?

For the vast majority of workers another resounding no. Many employees are cramped 3-4 deep in a single cubicle space, and it is not uncommon for managers to share office space either. Even with all the available open space, it is said to be remarkably difficult to find a quiet spot to work.

Just like any company out there – there are some negatives to go along with the positives when considering working for Google. Compared to a lot of companies the good things about working at Google far outweigh the negative.

In fact the most pressing question you need to ask is probably “Can I get an interview there in the first place?”.

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