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Leverage Social Media to get that job

There has been a step change recently in the way graduates are engaging on the various Social Media platforms. When Social Media first came to prominence their engagement was primarily social and consisted of posting and exchanging updates, pictures etc with friends and relatives. Nowadays web savvy graduates are busy brand building, tailoring their profiles, and building networks consisting of like minded individuals many of whom work for the very companies that they want to work for.

Linkedin has always been the platform of choice when it came to  putting a well constructed profile “out there” and many careers have blossomed as a consequence but today there are a other platforms, like Facebook,  that can also serve as a vehicle to further a career.

So what’s the best way to get your profile and brand out there and to leverage Social Media to gain that job?

Undoubtedly the best way is to launch your own blog as that demonstrates to prospective employers your initiative and also your creativity and writing skills. If your blog is centred also on the sector you wish to work in then you also have a real opportunity to display your sector knowledge and/or your experience. To compliment this you should follow all the right people and all the right companies and ensure that you engage in the conversations and discussions that will allow you to showcase yourself to prospective employers. Engage directly with company  recruiters and ask them what kind of jobs they traditionally are seeking candidates for and ask what is the best way for you to engage with them moving forwards. Its also beneficial to find out who the actual job decision makers are in the companies you are targeting.

Lastly remember to connect all your Social Media postings together to allow potential recruiters to browse and follow the links to all your postings and blogs. Keep yourself and your outputs professional and relevant and good luck to you in your job search.

Steve Blythe  (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator).



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