Where is IT going in 2015

The overarching picture for 2015 is positive with an increasing spend on IT projects with the emphasis being on Cloud/Client Computing and Architecture. Whilst established technologies like Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Business Intelligence, Network Security and Data Centres will receive funding additional funding is being allocated for the newly emerging Cloud and Mobile services. In particular cloud optimised systems and software defined methods will drive Web-scale IT solutions.

However the picture is not the same everywhere. The USA is expecting a much larger growth whereas Europe because of its recent economic problems is showing a much flatter growth projection.

Asia Pacific’s growth predictions are projected to be higher still although China’s alone is not expected to exceed the region’s growth as a whole.  The highest growth is projected as being in the Middle East, Africa and the South American continent.  Not entirely surprising as they are all technologically emergent regions.

So where is this increased spent targeted. Software will take the largest portion with hardware not far behind.  In the USA and Europe its cloud computing that’s getting the focus and budgets for 2015 whilst strangely for the Asia Pacific region it as the opposite

Mobility services are predicted as having strong growth with the implementation of enterprise applications presented in mobile form.  Big Data will also get more focus particularly Big Data Analytics. This will be fuelled by the IOT along with much improved and advanced analytics. Business Intelligence spend looks to have plateaued with back engine development including NoSQL database, being reduced probably as a consequence of additional cloud development. The Internet of Things (IOT) and user oriented computing, along with smart phones and wearables will also get much bigger with more focus and spend in 2015. The advance of IOT will precipitate an advance of smart machines; machines that learn from experience and their environment.

In 2015 we will see a migration to Windows Server 2012 as well as to VMwares vSphere 5.5.  The major desktop migrations will be of Windows XP to Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 with large and mid-size companies migrating to Windows 10.

3D printing is here already and will get much bigger and cheaper with the largest expansion being seen in the biomedical, industrial and consumer sectors.  

Steve Blythe  (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator).

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