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The Job Interview – lets cut to the chase

So well done you have got yourself a Job Interview.

Okay – we know all about finding job offers, writing your resume and the covering letter, the way you present yourself, how you speak and your body language. We also have spoken about how you ask and answer the questions but this article cuts right to the chase because it discusses the three most important things you need to get right during that job interview. Get these three things right then you are on the right track, get them wrong and it’s most likely you wont get the position. So what are these three fundamentals?

Firstly you have to be able to do the job. Sounds pretty basic but you have to know what the job entails, what your responsibilities are and you must be confident that you can fulfil all the requirements. Not only must you be confident of this yourself but you have to be able to convince the interviewer of your ability and your confidence. You must also ensure that the role is a good fit for your career interests and aspirations. It is very easy for interviewers to sense when candidates really have a passion and a determination for a role as part of their career roadmap and those who can do the job but are not that interested in the outcome.

Next you should also have an in-depth knowledge of the sector the job you are interviewing for falls under. It might be a sector you are already familiar with but in many cases it won’t so be prepared to do some legwork to get up to date with both the sector and what’s happening there right now.

Then you need a knowledge of the company that you are applying to. There is nothing better than for an interviewer to hear people discuss their company because it shows interest and a passion for the position in question. Tell the interviewer what you are bringing to the job and maybe also what you can do for the company. But beware of sounding arrogant.

Get the above right and it should put you ahead of the completion for that dream job.

Steve Blythe  (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator).


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