Is Your 2014 Resume Up To Scratch Yet?

Gone are the days when a resume enjoyed little significance in landing a new job. Today, if you fail to impress any recruiter with your CV, you can take almost guarantee that your job has gone to someone else who’s submitted a better resume than you.

So what actually needs to be done in drafting a resume that can draw the attention of hiring managers at a glance? From being crisp – to referring to current details, you really need to be quite sharp if you want to accomplish the task of obtaining a job that you’ve been wanting. Supporting your resume with an online digital profile, say a LinkedIn Profile, is also a must if you want to achieve the end result.

So, what should a resume primarily focus on?

While preparing your resume, it’s important to focus on current matters, and keep from the past as much as possible. Avoid mentioning your year of graduation can also be useful if you’re someone seeking a better position, or an older person competing with youngsters. Throwing sufficient light on current skills can prove an asset.

How lengthy can a resume be?

Furnishing too many details may only bore the recruiter. So applicants should make it a point to keep their resumes tightly packed with valid information. Importantly, all vital details must be brought in the first third of the CV so that the hiring person gets sight of them quickly. A personal website and knowledge on networking services can form part of your digital profile.

Is it essential to have presence in several social media networks?

While it’s absolutely necessary to have your presence in one of the leading social media platforms, trying to be present in too many of them can only prove detrimental. For instance, what you wish to convey through Facebook or Twitter shouldn’t always be replicated through Instagram or LinkedIn, and vice-versa.

Job-seekers, who find it hard to land a job of their choice, can reverse the situation by submitting resumes with digital profiles that contain accurate and authentic information. And that’s what every recruiter keeps eagerly looking for.

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