IT Employment and Salaries Take a New Direction

IT pay rises are exceeding inflation for the first time since the economic nose-dive of five years ago. IT salaries are set for further recovery over the next three years, so long as the UK economy continues to grow. Graduates moving into IT professions who offer the right set of skills and qualifications can be confident in finding many opportunities for employment. The demand for more people with IT skills is growing, so University graduates can look forward to great salaries as they ascend from entry level upwards.

How hard is it to get a job in the IT field?

Most IT employers find it hard to find the right people for the job. Gaining employment in IT requires specific skill sets, and the more of those skills a potential employee holds, the more likely they are to be hired. The starting point is typically gaining a related University degree, then gaining invaluable experience with an employer that provides a dedicated and well crafted skills program. There are several pathways for IT professionals to follow; from development, to project management, to infrastructure management and services management. All have a myriad of specific skills and courses available once the core foundation degree has been achieved.

What can an IT Graduate expect in the way of benefits?

IT staff usually expect to begin employment with 25 days of holiday pay on top of bank holidays per year with an increase to 30 days as they continue to go up the ladder. Not to mention most IT staff could find themselves in a position for overtime earnings, financial benefits and training credits too. Continuous professional development is vital within IT to progress or maintain the relevancy of your skills. This is because technology, processes and tools are constantly evolving in line with new developments and business demands, as organisations compete in the global marketplace. IT is often the key enabler of innovation and value for businesses.

So in conclusion, on top of potentially great earnings and an excellent package of benefits, there are many things for IT graduates to look forward to as they embark on their new, exciting careers in IT. Those earnings can be maximised and progression possible if they hold the right qualifications, skills and desire to progress.

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