What are the best open source Project Management tools?

Project management is tough enough on it’s own, but without the correct planning and tracking tools one is setting themselves up for failure. The ability to efficiently task your team or group and work together collectively is essential. Another issue is effectively sharing progress, issues and updates with stakeholders and clients. A few questions that come to mind on what project management tools are out there today that might help with these needs, and what may be the best to invest in this year are below.

This collection looks at open source project management tools. This means that the source code is generally free, or very low cost for a small set of services. Professional project management companies may well bundle the free source code up into packages that are fixed price per quarter or per annum. This is the way that you can get support and maintenance for open source, without paying for hefty license fees. Worth remembering.

What are the best project management tools that are the good at time management?

ProjectLibre puts details into charts and time lines for organizational planning and project success. Another option would be OpenProject, which is big on collaboration and is highly successful with documentation tracking. A quick search on Google will also reveal many, many other alternatives. Taking time to sift through the myriad of options is quite a challenge in itself.

Is there a project management tool out there that is good for teams?

Agilefant would be a great fit for teams, especially those who may not all be in the same place – groups of people can collectively work on files and projects simultaneously. If client sharing is important, Redmine has lots of tracking items and the ability to share with clients.

Is there anything that is new and creative in project management these days?

LibrePlan is the full package with many organizational aspect as well as sharing capabilities. Finally, project-open is the perfect fit for larger groups or companies and can interface with other tracking tools.

The best way to pick a project management tool is to clearly identify what features and functions you need the most, and then to research and find a tool that best fits your requirements. All project management tools and apps are developed to provide core functionality, however it is up to you to decide which will bring the most success to your company and project.

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