Growth of Social Media in Recruitment.

What did we do before the internet when we were looking for a job? We used to go door to door, and we also read the newspapers and rang up for appointments, when job hunting. No one really knew anything about the people and company doing the interviewing nor the candidates who are looking for work.

Well now with our social networks we have everything at our fingertips. We can send photos, resumes and letters of introduction prior to ever talking to anyone. With Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, etc,  more people now know so much more about us that we need no introduction. Whether looking for a job or just looking for the right connections, if you are active on the social media sites you will be noticed.

Many of the recruiters had no choice but to keep all their information in paper files but with the new technologies of the internet , personal computers and social media they can now find it so much easier to place a candidate into a position in which they are suited. And as far as finding positions the employers find it so easy to advertise with the recruiters and also with direct employment companies for specific candidates in specific roles into which they are looking to hire.

So to summarize, with the recruitment technologies which we were discussing, anyone can see that the social media combined with the vast use of the internet has become  the way people are looking and finding not only jobs but employees. In conclusion, if you have a vast knowledge of many candidates and of  employers and positions to choose from, then you will be getting the job or the employee of your choosing and both parties will be happier overall.


We have truly seen an explosion in the use of Social Media worldwide in the Recruitment Sector and my guess is that this trend is set to continue.

Quent Bendele

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