hop app turns email into messenger app

Hop Turns Your Email Into A Messaging Platform

When we look at the current email apps on the mobile market, they may all seem similar, which can get a little boring. Developers have come up with a new email application called ‘Hop’ which adds a little flavor to email apps and turns it into something you wouldn’t expect.

Picture an email application and a social messaging application hybrid, by bringing in features that are commonly found on messaging applications, we can bring emails to life and make the whole process more social and seamless. Because most people already use messaging applications, using ‘Hop’ would make it feel similar, but it is still using emails. Remember also that you can always use your email cleaning¬†and email validator services so only real, valid contacts will end up on your list.

Hop hides that aspect from the user in order to bring out a beautiful UI and is easy to use and easy to look at. The days of convoluted email applications are behind us with applications such as ‘Hop’ coming onto the market. As we change and our habits change, email has to change alongside and it has.

All in all, we are very used to looking at email apps and it seems like a very outdated look for something that we all use so much. Hop has introduced an app that turns the whole email process into something we’re used to – that also happens to be pleasant to look at.

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