New job needed – do the research

A lot has been written about looking for work, the CV, cover letter, sources of job postings, use of Social Media, etc, but we don’t see much about the kind of preparations and decision making that you have to engage in before you actually start looking for a job.
This can either be a first job or maybe you are already in a job and you feel a need to change. If it’s your first job then this is a truly exciting time albeit a stressful time worrying about all the possible negatives, what sector to apply to, the time, energy and effort and possible rejections etc. If it’s the second then the decision making is even more complex. For a start when you have a job it becomes an effort to actually make a decision to change jobs with all the negative thoughts in your head like, for example should I stay as maybe it will get better or will the new job be any better than the current one, etc. It’s always better to act when you first get doubts because the longer you leave it the more stressful it becomes.
Of all the scenarios possible the worst case is for you to end up in a new job and it’s no better than the last, or maybe it’s even worse! You start to dread the Mondays, and start to get sick of the same old grumbling faces and so you might start looking for a change again, and again and again.  So what can you do to ensure that this does not happen?
You need to conduct a deep analysis of what exactly the reasons were why you became disenchanted and what needed to happen to make you want to stay and develop in that job. Maybe it’s your set of beliefs and values that need to change, for example your belief that managers are always look for faults might be wrong and needs to be changed, etc. You need to figure out what kind of working conditions and environment you thrive in: use social media and your network to explore these factors in future employers/companies Doing this research at least will enable you to better define what your needs are before you start searching for positions. Figure out what are the most important factors in your working life as maybe previous job positions were chosen because of salary or location etc whilst in reality it was career growth and development that needed to be the driver.
Above all act swiftly, do the analysis and research and then conduct a focussed job search and fingers crossed that you will achieve the job and career that you aspire to.
Steve Blythe  (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator).

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