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Another question you will get at a job interview

You have to be careful with this job interview question because it is very easy to give an answer which will sound the same as every other candidate. Most candidates will launch into the usual great culture, values, talented people etc type of response which is meaningless and which the interviewers have heard time and time again. Your answer has to be different and more meaningful if you want to stand out

Do your research and find out something unique about the company which you like and attracts you. Be specific in your answer. If the company operates, for example, a pragmatic culture policy and you are particularly interested in a customer centric environment then state this in your answer. It allows you to give a much more interesting answer plus shows that you have done your research into the company.

Another good way of answering is to demonstrate that you have been following the company for some time and not just since you were invited to the interview. Build into you answer the changes and developments you have seen and how this has impressed you and how you want to be part of it. But again be specific about a product or service line for example and don’t just add a pile of generalist flannel.

You can also as an alternative talk about a particular area of company growth that you have read about and that you really feel excited about and want to be a part of. Once again be very specific about what that growth is and what you would like your role to be and what skills you can bring to the company to aid that growth.

Finally if you are fortunate enough to know somebody who works in the company then you can talk about your observations of the positive specific effects working for the company has had on this person. So research your response and good luck with your job interview..

Steve Blythe (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator).

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