6 Useful Tips to go from Graduate to Employee!

6 Useful Tips to go from Graduate to Employee: So you’ve spent the last 3 years in lectures, stressing about your dissertation and cramming for those final exams. You finally have your degree (or you’re pretty close) and it feels like the only way to show employers that you are suitable for the role you’re applying for. The truth is while this is a fantastic achievement your degree alone might not bag you that all important interview, so here are some useful tips to go from graduate to employee and help your CV stand out from the crowd:


Relevant work experience

Although work experience / interning can seem like you are working for free this can be invaluable practice to help secure a job role after you graduate. Industry experience is a lot more attractive to an employer as it proves that you can use your knowledge and initiative to succeed in a work environment. Try and find some time in between those summer festivals to get some valuable experience!

Research and Commercial Awareness

When you come to apply for a graduate role it is important that you research the sector and company you are looking to work for. Make sure you follow relevant companies on Social Media and research the company you are applying for as well as any competitors as they are likely to quiz you on this in an interview.

Specialist Skills

If you have skills gained outside of University employers want to hear about it! Whether you can use Photoshop or speak Japanese, specialist skills are fantastic ways to boost your profile on an application.

Initiative and Enthusiasm

Students can carry that negative stigma that they sleep all day and roll into lectures in their pyjamas, obviously this is hardly ever the case but you want to show employers that you aren’t the dreaded stereotype of a student. Try and outline areas where you have shown initiative both in your studies and previous work experience on your CV to show that you can work independently and efficiently. Try and be enthusiastic as well – they want to feel like you will be happy to work there not just looking for a way to pay off your student loan!

Be professional

Now is the time to invest in a suit or a smart outfit so that you can really show yourself to the best of your ability in an interview. Even if the job you’re applying for might not be a strict corporate environment it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed, so think about this when selecting an outfit for your interview.

Stay Positive

Applying for jobs can be a grueling process. You may not always get a reply yet alone an interview so it is important to keep positive and focused on your search for a graduate role. With persistence you will find the right role so make sure you keep up the search until you do!


Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)

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