Speaking to experts – will it solve all the puzzles of life?

This is a fast paced world where we leverage technology more and more on a daily basis to help us with our work, lives and to connect and learn from others. Just think about that for a moment, we live in an age whereby people can communicate across the world and help each other solve their daily problems, all from the comfort of your office or home. This is fast already happening today, with both Google and Amazon making the first steps towards a world that provides guidance, assistance and helpful solutions for all of life’s little issues.

Now, giant companies are tapping into a new source of traffic and engagement known as ‘speak with experts’ in the most convenient way – by opening up access from your personal smartphone or sketch tablet. Recently Google Introduced ‘Google Help outs’ and Amazon brought us the ‘Mayday’ button and both new technologies gives us all the chance to speak with thousands of experts in this world.

When I think about Help outs what came to mind is whether it should will meet all our requirements? Of course we could find one expert who has knowledge in mentioned area, and schedule discussion with him to sort-out the problem.

But why pay for access to experts when we have other options available?

There’s always the option of scouring the web, searching with keywords and tapping into various groups and forums, however these two services aim to provide something new – convenience. The services they try to provide might just get you knowledge and experience from qualified experts and in part it is this convenience factor that they are banking on will make all the difference, at a cost to you.

Do I need to pay for registration to these services?

No, the registration is free, like most of the services Amazon and Google provides. But to avail the knowledge of an expert means we must pay for what we need and use, typically on a per minute or per time-slot basis.

Speaking to experts is going to be a massive trend from 2014 onwards and may help to make more people at ease of seeking the advice and help from experts to solve all the puzzles of life.

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