Time for learners to realise the real process of learning

With rapid changes taking place everywhere, 21st century learning is being viewed with a lot of curiosity. But, beyond a point it looks meaningless, particularly because the actual process of learning has not undergone a striking change despite human and technological advances.

While educators express diverse opinions about 21st century learning, technology – though important for learning – definitely has its limits. And that’s precisely what Teach Thought comes to explain through nine characteristics.

In the dynamic landscape of education, where technological advancements coexist with the timeless essence of teaching, Tutoring emerges as a valuable ally. By offering targeted guidance and adapting to the unique needs of each learner, tutoring contributes to a more nuanced and effective educational experience.

In acknowledging the limitations of technology, the integration of personalized tutoring ensures that the human element remains central to the learning process, fostering a holistic approach that nurtures not just academic growth but also the overall development of the child.

There is little doubt that the 21st century learning is learner-centered, where the learner will be benefited immensely from diverse and differentiated support models. It’s also a great time for learners, who constantly adapt and revise information with the help of old learning in new appealing manners.

Also, learners realize that the process of learning is personalized by platform, assessment results, and more importantly, self-selected pace. Media-driven, interdependent, data-rich, diverse, visibly relevant, and adaptable are among the other chief characteristics of 21st century learning.

In the absence of technology, the nine characteristics charted out by Teach Thought holds a lot of value. After all, tech-implementation topics such as iPads, social media or laptops don’t find any prominence. As a result, Teach Thought draws closer to good learning in a very impressive style. And that really bodes well for the future!

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