The true role of a project manager is to make everyone’s job easier.

A project manager is the person that people will come to for assistance in successfully executing a project. This is the person with the answers or the ability to find the answers to all problems related to the project. Sometimes coworkers and employees may try and take advantage of the project manager in this role and sometimes the person in this role will abuse his or her authority in order to take advantage of others.

Can a project manager use employees to do the work that is ostensibly the responsibility of the project manager?

Yes. An immoral or inappropriately suited person will undoubtedly take advantage of all the available resources in order to avoid the most amount of work possible. The goal in hiring for this position should be to find the most suitable candidate who will be sure to not let this type of thing happen. The project manager must have a strong work ethic and a certain degree of pride.

Is it possible for employees to use the project manager as a source of blame for unrelated problems?

Absolutely. This is why it is crucial that the project manager is careful and exact in the type of communications that are sent to the employees. Disgruntled employees like to have a scapegoat to blame for problems and the project manager can become the “whipping boy” of sorts if all communications are not carefully worded.

When is it appropriate for a project manager to defer work to employees?

The project manager should only put work off on the employees when the goal of the project and all its intricacies have been fully outlined. The plan to reach the final outcome should be clear to all involved so that everyone knows their role and that all work is correctly distributed.

The role of project manager is an important one. It is not always the most prestigious of positions but is often the source of intelligent and creative decisions within a company. CEOs and the like would have nothing without the hard work of the project managers to make their companies successful.

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