Studying Or Partying? How to balance both over the Christmas break.

It’s nearly Christmas! We are all very ready for a well deserved break. But January is always a busy time in the university calendar. You come crashing down to earth after the Christmas break to none-stop library and studying.

So whether it’s your first or last approach to the January revision season, why not try following our tips to make the transition as smooth as possible and get ahead of the game.

Find a Routine

Don’t get totally swayed in the lead up to Christmas. We aren’t trying to be a Scrooge but wasting this last week can hugely affect your performance in your exams. Get yourself in a routine and set realistic targets as to what you want to achieve before the Christmas break. Even if that’s to just get your assignments finished before you go home, as they say – ‘every little helps’.

Don’t Fall Into The Christmas / New Years Lull

We get that there are lots of people to catch up with whilst you’re back, but wasting the days in between Christmas and New Year makes it really difficult to get back into the swing of things in January. If you try to do at least an hour a day this will increase productivity without feeling like you are sacrificing your time off.

Take Proper Breaks

Really enjoy Christmas! If you constantly worry about your exams it will detract from the festivities and you’ll end up back at university still feeling like you need a break. As part of your routine, ensure you schedule quality days off to give yourself the best start to 2017.


Hannah Ryle – Employer Brand Consultant

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