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Surprising Job Getting Skills You Did Not Know You Had

As a freshly-minted University graduate, you may not believe you bring much to the table experience-wise, but—in addition to the book knowledge you’ve absorbed in your chosen field of study—sometimes it’s the surprisingly simple things that count!

But I just graduated from University! What job getting skills do I have?

Were you involved in a club or organization while attending school? Did you plan and/or organize any well-attended events? Balancing co- and extra-curricular activities, and program/event-planning, mark you as a well-organized individual who can manage more than one activity at once. Employers notice this! Be sure to include such experience in your CV.

What if my work/school experience is unrelated to my studies?

Just being in a University environment exposes you to situations and environments that provide for personal growth and enrichment. Did you spend time with students from other cultures? Did you study or spend time sharpening any language skills? How about people of other religious or personal orientations? Were you shy when you entered school? Are you now more comfortable communicating with diverse groups of people? Be sure to point out your comfort-level as it relates to operating as a team member in a diverse group when interviewing! Employers seek well-rounded, global-minded candidates to enhance their work forces.

What else might I bring to the table?

Again, sometimes it’s the simple things that count: being able to communicate effectively, comfort maneuvering in an office environment and understanding office etiquette, having and keeping a positive outlook, demonstrating that no task is beneath you (can you make a great cup of tea/coffee?), computer proficiency, and a clean “digital footprint” (now may be the time to remove those party photos from Facebook!)

In total, the simple fact that you attended University adds up to a wealth of experience that can assist you with getting your foot in the door. Do not discount the small things! You are a walking vault of unique and amazing experience—and you have the skills to go with it! What other surprising skills can you offer your future employers?

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