potential of the human brain

The Limitless Possibilities Of The Human Brain

There is speculation that we will be able to do many things with the human brain within the next 25 years. Inserting wi-fi chips into the brain may bring us advances such as curing blindness, mapping how the mind responds to certain stimuli, and even erasing memories.

Is it ethical to experiment with our bodies in such a fashion?

Many people, possibly for religious reasons, may find this type of experimentation to be morally wrong. The idea that we can modify our god or nature given bodies in “unnatural” ways may leave those with this mindset feeling highly disturbed.

Who will subject their brains to this type of unproven science?

Guinea pigs are always necessary. There is no other way for us to truly know if an idea is feasible. The person who signs up for this may be the prototype for the future, or may be irreparably damaging the mind for the rest of their lives.

Is the risk worth the advancements that this may bring?

The question of whether we can risk destroying a person’s mind in the pursuit of advancements for the rest of us will always exist. There is the noble idea of a small sacrifice for the greater good, but many people may not feel that this is necessary research.

The bottom line is that we really do not have enough information to know exactly what this experimentation may bring and the real possibilities of the human brain. There are theories based on extensive research, but until we actually make the step of trying these procedures we cannot say for sure what benefits we may experience.

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