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Video Job Descriptions – The Logical Step in IT Recruiting

In the IT recruitment marketplace, exciting new opportunities are scarce and IT recruiters need to explore new ways of attracting candidates to these roles – to stand out from other recruiters who may also have been touting the same job. Often you will see the exact same role advertised across social media for the same job from two, three or even more IT recruitment companies. How should recruiters help IT graduates to understand more about the role and crucially, help the graduate to determine if the role is a good match? Introducing the growing popularity of Video job descriptions.

So what is a Video job description (VJD) ?

A video job description is a short video featuring employees that describes a particular job in a manner that appeals to qualified applicants who may need some convincing that the job is right for them.

Why should IT recruiters produce and use a VJD ?

Currently, all text job descriptions have a tendency to drive away good candidates. The typical ‘all text job description’ is often boring, full of jargon, and pretty well doesn’t define what the role is about. The goal of any good job description is to generate excitement about the position. This is especially valid, given that more active IT job hunters tend to spend less than one minute reading a particular job posting before moving on to something that may interest them more.

An exciting VJD is a great way to get your companies message out to potential employees. A VJD gives IT recruiters the opportunity to present to candidates an authentic message that projects excitement and also gives them a glimpse into the environment in which they may be committing to working. What’s best about VJDs is that applicants are much more likely to watch them – than to read a wall of text.

Do VJD really improve recruiting results?

Many well-known firms such as Deloitte, Accenture, NPR, and VMware have had success over the last five years using VJDs. If your company requires proof simply sample a group of potential applicants and poll them as to their willingness to take the next step in the application process after viewing the VJD or text job description. You will find that a VJD produces positive results.

Using a Video Job Description as a recruiting tool also increases the IT recruiters overall pool of applicants by helping to create an exciting medium from which potential applicants can view companies with the messages they wish to get across, rather than a boring wall of text that may discourage them from taking the next step in the application process. Look out for VJDs now. They’re the next step in smart recruitment.

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