Weekend Parties, Dominos & Mind Maps – Our Alternative Revision Advice!

Never do you know the meaning of procrastination more than when you’re at university. This is even worse after a chilled out Christmas break, the last thing you want to be doing is returning to the library for all nighters!

To try to help you out, we’ve come up with some handy tips to help you through this revision season.

Have Goals In Sight

Give yourself small targets along the way. If you finish this chapter you get a bar of Dairymilk, complete an exam you get a cider…You get gist! Give yourself little moments of happiness amongst the ongoing hell.

Don’t Drink The Night Before An Exam

Unless you’re really good at coping with a hangover. It’s very frowned upon to throw up in an exam hall…

Weekends Are Weekends

Don’t be afraid to take a break. You’ll just burn out if you spend 24/7 with your head in a book. Plus – university is for having fun as well as getting a degree, so a few cheeky beers won’t hurt, will they?

Mind Maps

They make it look like you’re doing something so all of the other conscientious students around you wont judge you for playing Candy Crush. If you get lots of coloured pens you can draw cute little pictures to some up Einstein’s theory of relativity – #winner!

Study With Friends

This will give you more shoulders to cry on when you’re having an emotional breakdown. Or someone to share that midnight Dominos with!

In reality, you’ll just have to study hard and get through it. But it’s more fun to have a little fun with it! Good luck, go forth and conquer.


Hannah Ryle – Employer Brand Consultant

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