linkedin is important for students today

Why LinkedIn Is So Important Today for Students

While most LinkedIn users are simply using this social media tool as a way to connect with others in their field, there are thousands of hiring managers and IT recruiters using it to scout for, and source, potential candidates for open positions. It’s an absolute essential tool for job seekers everywhere.

So, how can you make sure that you’re using LinkedIn to its full ability? Why is LinkedIn so important for students today? Hint: It’s much more than just taking 20 minutes to update your profile and add your e-mail and contact details.

A complete (and updated) LinkedIn profile, naturally, is the first step towards your LinkedIn success. The more detailed your profile is, the higher chance you have of being discovered. After you make connections within your field, it’s important to know how to use them- and that means that the golden rule must apply- help others just as you would want them to help you.

Within your job search, you’ll be able to seek out various companies (by keyword, postal code, country, etc) and most importantly, you can see if you are connected to anyone at the company you are interested in, in particular their hiring manager. You can also request a referral for the open job, from one of your connected contacts and LinkedIn will even provide you with a message template that you can completely edit to fit your situation… does it get any easier?

LinkedIn has truly revolutionised the way we connect professionally online – especially job searching and performing job related research. Networking is no longer limited to face to face meetings, telephone calls and business events – it’s right at your fingertips – on desktop and mobile.

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