take control of your career to avoid the work blues

Take Control Of Your Career To Avoid The Work Blues

Work is a lot more than just showing up. Merely being present in a physical sense might get the job done, but should not be enough for you. You see, being emotionally present is also very important, so you can learn, connect and stay engaged within your field of expertise and your colleagues around you. It’s an essential component of being liked and getting on in the world today.

So how do you take control of your career effectively and avoid the work blues? Start by assessing yourself and your attitude towards your work and current job. Try these questions: –

How do I know if I am not working to my full potential?

If you are grumpy every day, not engaged within your profession or colleagues or maybe you just feel a little ‘disconnected’ to your job, you are not at your full potential. It is up to you to use the resources around you and connect with people and the right resources to boost your levels of engagement and ultimately your entire career.

What do I do if I truly do not like my job?

Sometimes jobs aren’t great. What you can do is further your education, get involved with career networks, and take trainings that will build your network and resources to handle your current situation better. Or, you find another job. It’s a simple as that.

What if I don’t have to time for anything other than my work tasks?

Time management it truly up to you. There are always 168 hours in the week at your disposal. You just need to make the time to stay engaged and continue to grow, learn and develop. For example, what on-the-job training can you get? What online courses can you take to freshen up your knowledge and skills. All of this will help rejuvenate you and make you a more engaged and productive worker overall.

Will my work situation ever change for the better?

Ultimately, work is going to be tough sometimes, that’s just a fact of life. Sometimes you might struggle and get overly frustrated with yourself. But hopefully with these ideas (see above) in mind and the ever growing list of online resources and networks at your disposal – you will be able to pull yourself out of this mindset most days – to protect yourself from such thoughts and frustrations.

It’s really up to you and you alone. Simply by taking control of your career outlook positively and with some energy and gusto – you can learn to keep positive and ultimately be even more successful.

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