still unemployed and what to do about it

So Why Are You Still Unemployed?

Still not landed that dream job? Have you ever considered why are you still unemployed? We are not just talking about blaming the quality of the company or interviewer who last saw you, but asking yourself some tough questions to help determine exactly why you are still unemployed and take appropriate action to address the situation.

To answer such questions about the reasons for your unemployment is crucial. In this article, we will discuss a few of the most commonly cited reasons about why you may find yourself still out of work, despite all your efforts. Note, these may change from person to person, they are useful to know because they are commonly recognised amongst hirers and recruiters today.

The reasons may fall into one of these categories: –

The first thing is that you don’t work efficiently to find the most relevant, suitable job vacancies for you – given your experience, skills and aptitude. Most jobs are now found online nowadays and perhaps through networking via social media sites like LinkedIn.

Think about fresh ways of finding the most suitable jobs for you: have you leveraged your connections, got in touch with influencers and other like minded people lately? How many job sites have you signed up to? What online communities and groups have you joined to learn about new opportunities? All of these matter. All of these are under your direct control. All you need is the motivation and time to commit to undertaking small, relevant actions each day.

The Second category deals with the performance during the interview.

Always attend any job interviews having done some research, and go in with a very positive attitude and good personality. Good dress sense and personal standards are important here. Try to avoid chewing gums, lazy clothing and even smelling of cigarettes. Many hirers cite male candidates that are not clean shaven or women with too many piercings as ‘off putting’. Harsh, but it’s human nature in some people.

The third category relates to relevancy.

Only apply for the posts in which you are experienced and qualified for. However, note that that being over qualified can also be a reason for not hiring you. The hirer or employer may not require a person with 10 years of experience, for example, for a simple entry level post.

The fourth category relates to you, and your attitude.

Try to follow any instructions even before you are selected, since the employer may be evaluating your organisational skills and attitude towards the job – long before you are even interviewed. So always be prepared and communicate well. Make sure that you are not showing off and try to be straight forward in answering tough interview questions. Remember, it is always important to control your emotions sensibly.

Despite thinking through the above, it is not always possible to find out the reason why you didn’t succeed in your latest interview but those who can control emotions, are prepared and demonstrate a positive attitude should be able to overcome any of these challenges. You should not have to wait too long before you get a ‘Yes’.

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