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Going to University As A Mature Student

Education has no age limits. There have been quite a few examples of more mature students pursuing education after 20, 30 or 40 years away from any kind of formal education. Wendy Meehan had the same sort of experience.

Wendy took the decision of pursuing higher education after 20 years of working as a hairdresser. She actually wanted to do a nursing course. She could not do it earlier because of managing her family but the passion of helping people was always with her. In the year 2010 she opted for a nursing course. She kept working part time as the hairdresser to be able to manage her studies.

However, she was always afraid of going back to university as people would have made fun of her. It was all her confidence and passion for studies that let her come back to education at the age of 39.

Although problems kept arising in the family, she never looked back. The demise of the father-in-law was also a big blow. After having a few challenges, she eventually managed to get a degree, mainly due to her own will and determination. She was recently awarded the nurse of the year award.

The experience of Wendy should inspire all mature students to strive to study at any age, even alongside your children. There are no limits when it comes to learning and going back to University any more.

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