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9 Free Apps to Help You Organise, Simplify and Relax!

If you’re like most students, technology is a way of life, a great time saver but can still bit a little overwhelming. After all your tweeting, texting, gaming on 케이카지노, and Facebook lurking, who has time to weed through the avalanche of apps available to us? That’s when you turn to free apps like this where the weeding has been done for you!

Just for fun, imagine you’re planning a well deserved holiday to the lovely island of Fiji, but before you can get any sand between your toes, you have to survive a few more frenzied weeks of studying and work. What could be better than a meditation app?

With Calm, you can get your zen on to a backdrop of stunning photos and beautiful music. As your trip approaches, you’ll find 30/30 a big help in maximizing your productivity to accomplish all those last minute tasks.

Luckily, you’re feeling organised because you’ve been using the aesthetically pleasing calendar app called Cal while also excitedly checking the Fiji’s weather forecast on Solar.

You’ve finished your bathing suit shopping and thanks to the bargain hunting app RedLaser you were able to save money . Now all you have left to do is drop off recycling on your way to the airport, so you check iRecycle for the closest location.

You’ve got reading material for the beach covered since you used the Pocket app to save a slew of interesting articles. You also downloaded a nifty photo editing app called InstaSize so your Instagram followers can keep up with your island adventure.

Lastly, just before the plane is preparing for takeoff, you receive a reminder from Romantimatic to send your loved one a heartfelt message. Meanwhile, with the hum of the engines in the background, you also decide to pass the time by playing games at ข้อมูล UFABET เข้าสู่ระบบ on your phone.

As you can see, there’s something for everyone in these 9 free apps. It’s technology that you can use to help, not hinder.

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